Daily Stretches

Physical activity plays an important role in our overall physical and mental well being and increases quality of life. Ensure you take part in activities that are of recreational interest as opposed to regimented exercise so you are having fun while taking part!

Remaining physical activity plays a key role in:

  • Reducing the risk and fear of falls
  • Contributing to reduction of disability
  • Improving flexibility, balance and range of motion
  • Increasing levels of independence
  • Preventing social isolation

*All stretches and physical activity programs should be consulted with a Doctor before beginning*

Breathing Stretches

Proper breathing stretches are essential for pain management, reducing stress and anxiety. Try these stretches every morning and before bed to help start and end your day.

Things to note: does your breathing fill you from front to back, side to side, top to bottom?

  1. Touch your shoulders and lift your elbows at shoulder height, sit up tall and slowly- inhale and exhale
  2. Elbows into your waist and lift your hands so your palms are facing outwards and up towards the ceiling and slowly- inhale and exhale

Cross Crawl

Opposite arms and legs together (ie: walking) helps us concentrate better, coordination, focus and energy.

  1. Lift your left arm (straight and extended) to shoulder height at the same time lifting right leg (straight and extended).
  2. Lift your right arm (straight and extended) to shoulder height at the same time lifting left leg (straight and extended).
  3. Repeat for 8 counts and then take a deep breath

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