Restoring a Sense of Control

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1:1 Respite:

Recreation Therapy contributes to the multidisciplinary approach of palliative care.  It does so by attending to the search for meaning, confronting fears, dealing with the loss of control, and issues of loss. Identifying ways to engage the individual’s negative feelings; threats to self esteem and help restore a sense of control, which all contribute to an improved quality of life.

Goal of therapeutic programming in palliative care:

  • Purposeful engagement in recreation and leisure
  • Provide for “final wish” opportunities to individuals as tolerated and feasible
  • Reduce boredom, anxiety and depression
  • Foster a sense of accomplishment
  • Develop new skills or nurture existing abilities
  • Facilitate feelings of self-satisfaction and enjoyment

Our service can be provided in any environment in which an individual resides, including hospice, long term care or home residence. Program designs are individualized to meet the needs of each client.

Hospice and Palliative Community Initiatives

Recreational Respite’s has made the commitment to education and workshops to empower volunteers in the context of palliative therapeutic recreation, within a variety of in-home visiting programs. Our goal is to extend our passion, knowledge and expertise to the volunteers that dedicate their time to helping individuals in hospice maximize their quality of life.

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