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Recreational Respite offers group programs that are built for the participants, by the participants!

Identifying barriers that might exist in standard community programs, we work with the individuals direct to create a group program that fosters both recreational and educational interests and implement the group program in a supportive and creative environment in various community settings across Canada. The programs are run in small groups (maximum of 10 participants) so that each individual has the opportunity for inclusion, active participation and engagement with peers.

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For many individuals, our group programs create a unique opportunity to engage socially in a small group setting.  The skill in our team serve to identify direction and needs in all of our programs and take an individualized look at what’s working for the participant and what isn’t. The small group setting promotes the development of new skills, self worth and role, and peer to peer relationships. It encourages our participants to be actively engaged within their community.


Recreational Respite has partnered with many organizations, both for profit and nonprofits, in an effort to enhance recreational programming and engagement opportunities to ensure that each individual receives personalized programs working towards their social, mental and emotional interests. The results have been an incredible collaboration that has lead to optimal support for other professionals and innovative recreation programming and outreach initiatives benefiting participants direct. Our team also offers extensive training for those who need direction on program planning, implementation and/or ongoing measurement of success through workshops, public speaking and RecRespite Metrics.







Partners for Planning!
As a family formed and led organization we know that planning for a person living with a disability takes effort and intention. From relationship building to school transitions, community involvement, financial objectives and more – very little happens without planning. The Planning Network helps you navigate each step and life stage, empowering you with all the right tools and inspiration along the way.
Connect with them for more information!

Locations and Registration

Recreational Respite believes in the power of a connected community!  We run all of our group programs in a variety of well supported and accessible locations across Canada, find your community here!

We also bring our programs to other community settings such as: group homes, seniors residence, or other community living environments.

Please contact Recreational Respite for specific dates, times and locations and we will be happy to assist in finding a location closest to you.

For further registration and programs offered:
phone 1-877-855-7070

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