Fun Changes Behaviour!

Ages 4-12

Play is one of a young child’s most powerful learning tools. Play-based learning environments are critical in order to encourage a sense of self, worth and contribution. This can lead to positive interactions with others, self regulation tools, coping strategies and newly explored recreational opportunities.

Inclusion is important. Our team works to ensure inclusion in various capacities for children with disabilities. We have a unique skill set that helps us identify what barriers might exist and help remove them in order to encourage new pathways in recreation, leisure and engagement in the home and community.

Our service includes direct 1:1 support or group programs with your child, on an hourly basis.



Ages 12 -18
Ages 18- 21+

As our children grow into young adults, we want to encourage them to explore various new interests and opportunities which include social connections, community participation and employment.

Barriers can often be present, which leads to the lack of accessibility and opportunity to choose independently how to get involved socially, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Our team has the skill set to assist with identifying what those barriers might be and create new paths of interest, skills, tools and strategies. Encouraging involvement in recreation and leisure in the home or the community.

Our service includes direct 1:1 support or group programs, on an hourly basis.

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