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Group Programs:


Children, Ages 4-12

Play is one of a young child’s most powerful cognitive and social learning tools. For this reason,  play-based learning environments in order to maximize each child’s capacity for positive interaction and overall recreational & social engagement, is critical. These programs can contribute greatly to a child’s growth and help with a variety of social, physical and cognitive skills. We support children who have a variety of developmental or intellectual needs, mental health or chronic illness or disease.



IMG_3627Youth, Ages 12-18
Young Adults, Ages 18+
Recreational Therapists consider each individuals’ strengths and interests (either at home or in the community) in order to support the special needs or challenges of the young adults they work with.

We support youth who have a variety of developmental or intellectual needsmental health or chronic illness or disease.

Desired outcomes are considered and developed within a recreational model of therapy.  These desired outcomes then enable recreation therapists to set goals, which are monitored and changed as needed.

The specific goals and objectives drive the programming for each individual and encourage positive participation at home, school and in the community. Therapeutic recreation offers a beneficial extension of traditional therapy services involving the child or young adult, their parents or care givers, creating a family centered approach.

Goals of Therapeutic Recreation

Our children, youth, teens and and our young adults’ programs, include the various goals of:

  • Life Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Community Integration
  • Boundaries and Safety
  • Behavioral Redirection
  • Coping Strategies
  • Physical Wellness

If families are awaiting long term options or wait lists, our program and services are a great fit to ensure either short or long term solutions.

On Air 2
Family Caregivers Unite Radio Show: Community Initiatives in Caring for Children, Adolescents and Adults with Special Needs.

Grey County, ON
January 24, 2014
Kerry Duncan, one of our team members and has a sibling with special needs, explains the idea of our RecreACTIVE group programs, and describes the response to the idea at the public discussion at the Blue Mountains Town Hall Council Chambers on January 24, 2014. Kerry explains the program’s “leisure and learn model” and how this benefits children, adolescents and adults.
Listen here 



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