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1:1 Respite:

Our team possesses the skills, knowledge and passion to provide individuals and families with experiences to stay emotionally and physically healthy.  Our ability to deliver quality rehabilitation programs is unparalleled. Our goal is to engage and integrate the individuals we work with, back into their community, family and home environments.

Recreational Respite offers support in the area of rehabilitation therapy for those who have suffered from a MVA (motor vehicle accident), acquired brain injury, a spinal cord injury or other serious traumas. Our Team works in collaboration with other care providers to implement programs that incorporates all medically related recommendations and does so in a cost efficient way. This collaboration creates the optimal approach to addressing an individual’s specific needs (mental, physical, emotional, social, behavioral and recreational health).

Our team has the ability to identify and/or maintain:

  • Active levels of engagement
  • Successful and inclusive environments, including community re-integration opportunities
  • Functional rehabilitation and recreation therapy programming to support each clients particular challenges

Rehabilitation involves not only the individual, but the individual’s family and support system. For this reason, we want to include, assist and empower the family by providing different methods to successfully engage their loved one.


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