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Recreational Respite serves children, youth and adults with disabilities and mental health, click here to FIND your community! We are committed to paramount service for all of those we serve, their families and their communities across the nation. Our service goals are to assist in identifying the barriers to participation that may exist for children, youth and adults with disabilities or mental health, and promote inclusion and active citizenship.

Therapeutic Recreation (1:1)

Recreational Respite works with individuals who face barriers to participation in their community due to disability, mental health, injury, isolation, chronic illness or disorder. Our skills include being able to identify ways to remove the barriers that exist through various approaches in 1:1 or group settings (including virtual space). We strive for positive change and to reach desired outcomes through person centred recreation. We include the needs, abilities, strengths and interests of every individual we support and every approach we take through recreation. This ensures that targeted goals for mental health, emotional health and physical wellness and life skills are achieved.

We support children, youth, adults and older adults with disabilities and mental health.

Virtual Services

Recreation Therapists promote inclusion, encourage community participation and nurture social connectivity for children, youth and adults with disabilities and mental health, across Canada. During the challenging and difficult time of COVID19, we know it is imperative to stay connected through creative and innovative ways. We take pride in the programs that we develop in-person and virtually.

These group programs are offered virtually, for children, youth and adults with disabilities and mental health. Virtual sessions offer small group experiences, that promote engagement, social connectivity and are attached to experiential outcomes. The sessions are developed by our Recreation Therapist team. We have been collaborating with other organizations and individuals that can add their expertise or talent into our program sessions to make them even more interactive and fun!

For more information, visit VIRTUAL PROGRAM (and their descriptions) or

Group Programs

For many individuals, our group programs create a unique opportunity to engage socially in a small group setting.  The skill in our team serve to identify direction and needs in all of our programs and take an individualized look at what’s working for the participant and what isn’t. The small group setting promotes the development of new skills, self-worth and role, and peer to peer relationships. It encourages our participants to be actively engaged within their community.
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At the moment, we are offering virtual services to support our customers during COVID-19.

RecRespite Metrics

RecRespite Metrics is a service that lends evaluation support within a funded project, by collecting data, measuring impact and defining the long term sustainability of a community projects’ objectives. The projects we can support in this capacity are striving for social change and long term sustainability of programs for those who otherwise face barriers to participation, engagement or active citizenship in their community. Our collaborative work has been with: school boards, non-profit organizations, community agencies, small and special interest groups and municipal and federal institutions.

Our RecRespite Metrics team has been involved in many successful and active community seed and grow grant projects that have included:

  • Immigration and Community
  • Reconciliation and youth, indigenous
  • Youth leadership
  • At-risk youth and animal wellness
  • Military family support and youth programs

Roles We Play

1. Setting the right goals and objectives
2. Evaluation
3. Tracking
4. Reporting

For more information, please contact us 1-877-855-7070

Chlöe’s Friend Den

Passionate about community, advocates for accessibility and champions for inclusion, Recreational Respite is excited to share our newest youth program, Chlöe’s Friend Den! An 8 or 10 week recreational group for youth ages 7 – 15 years of age. Each program creates a unique opportunity to learn in a safe and inclusive space that your child or youth can explore new interests. It’s also a great opportunity to develop coping strategies, self-regulation tools, explore anti-bullying strategies and make new friends! Program descriptions can be found, here.

Our Story

After moving to a new community we realized that there were a great deal of transitional changes for our two young children. New friends to be made, new school to attend and a new community to explore. Our youngest child recognized that there might be children that would be experiencing barriers to participation due of anxiety, sensory concerns, disability or mental health. Our daughter Chlöe inspired the idea that if there was a program for all kids to come together to explore recreational interests through play, make new friends and learn various coping strategies, self-regulation techniques and anti-bullying strategies, that this might help create inclusion for all and opportunities for many.

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