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Recreational Respite serves children, youth and adults with disabilities and mental health, click here to FIND your community! We are committed to paramount service for all of those we serve, their families and their communities across the nation. Our service goals are to assist in identifying the barriers to participation that may exist for children, youth and adults with disabilities or mental health, and promote inclusion and active citizenship.

Therapeutic Recreation

Recreational Respite works with individuals who face barriers to participation in their community due to disability, mental health, injury, isolation, chronic illness or disorder. Our skills include being able to identify ways to remove the barriers that exist through various approaches in 1:1 or group settings. We strive for positive change and to reach desired outcomes through person centred recreation. We include the needs, abilities, strengths and interests of every individual we support and every approach we take through recreation. This ensures that targeted goals for mental health, emotional health and physical wellness and life skills are achieved.

We support children, youth, adults and older adults with disabilities and mental health.

Older Adults

It’s imperative for everyone to maintain a sense of self, worth, role and purpose. Those living with dementia experience deterioration in memory, thinking and behaviour which can contribute to a loss or lack of engagement, participation and independence in everyday life.


Mental Health

For individuals with mental illness, recreation can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Engaging in meaningful activity is critical for sense of role, worth and purpose. Our team can help identify and remove barriers that might otherwise exist, so that an individual can contribute to their own positive and active lives.



Recreational Respite

Group Recreation Programs

For many individuals, our group programs create a unique opportunity to engage socially in a small group setting.  The skill in our team serve to identify direction and needs in all of our programs and take an individualized look at what’s working for the participant and what isn’t. The small group setting promotes the development of new skills, self-worth and role, and peer to peer relationships. It encourages our participants to be actively engaged within their community.
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At the moment, we are offering virtual services to support our customers during COVID-19.

Children and Youth


Recreational Respite has a team of Recreation Therapists. Their education and skill set is extensive and focused on identifying the barriers to participation, that might exist for children, youth and adults with disability and mental health. These barriers can often limit access to opportunities in the community and reduce or diminish an individual’s sense of self, role, worth and purpose. Recreation therapy (or therapeutic recreation) promotes engaging activity in order to support individuals to achieve individual goals and reach desired outcomes that could include: social skills, re-integration into family, school, work or community, participation, life skills, independence and identifying sense of role and purpose.

Programming that is offered in either our 1:1 or group setting, is individualized based upon the needs, interests, abilities and strengths of the individual we are working with and the barriers we may be working towards removing, short or long term goals.
As a team, we focus on inclusion, emphasize participation and identify opportunities for engagement and is person centred.
Our Chlöe’s Friend Den program(s) creates a unique program that is safe, inclusive and a fun way for your child or youth to explore new interests. It’s also a great opportunity to develop coping strategies, self-regulation tools, explore anti-bullying strategies and make new friends!




Young Adults

As our children grow into young adults, we want to encourage them to explore various new interests and opportunities which include social connections, community participation and employment.

Barriers can often be present, which leads to the lack of accessibility and opportunity to choose independently how to get involved socially, physically, mentally and emotionally.




“We started with a Lego program subsidized by Autism Ontario and as soon as I walked in, I was confident the facilitators knew what they were in for and they were prepared.  With everything from a picture schedule board that can be checked off as a task is completed, to visual choices for sensory rewards.  The group facilitators were happy to allow our behaviour consultant to come to observe our daughter during the one hour program and she pointed out how skilled the facilitator is as deflecting, offering choices, remaining calm, and role modelling behaviour she expects.  I have seen huge changes socially in my daughter and look forward to new programs in the future!”
Kim (Mom)

“We recently had the occasion to use the services of Recreational Respite to teach our 29 year old Son who has developmental disability, skills for independent living through a variety of recreational therapy goals.
We are pleased with the progress he has made, he has become better aware of what is involved in living on his own, particularly regarding his social involvement, personal safety, proper nutrition and money management. A definite goal oriented plan was developed in consultation with our Son and us specifically to suit his needs. We received regular feedback on our Son’s progress. We are thankful to both the Director of Recreational Respite and our Son’s Recreational Therapist for their cooperation and assistance. Their knowledge and experience dealing with cases such as our Son came through in the way they dealt with him.”
Anna and Raman

“Hello! I just wanted to touch base about H’s participation in the August camp.  We really wanted to let you know how happy we ALL were with Meagan and the camp the first week of July.  It was an absolutely phenomenal experience for H.  He came home each day thrilled to tell us how his day was, the fun stuff they did, or something funny Meagan said.  He was celebrating other people’s skills and talking about things other people were interested in.  But most of all, it gave him the self-confidence and self-esteem by proving to himself that he could have a very successful week.  He finds the school environment very challenging and to have a week where someone really understood how to work with him was such a change for him.  Usually by Friday he’s exhausted by trying to hold it together all week – but by the end of your camp he was energized and confident to take on the other camps we lined up for the summer. So thank you thank you thank you for offering such an amazing service.  We can’t say it enough.  One week and such an amazing change. We will absolutely be waiting for the fall program schedule to come out and will book your camps first next summer!”  Mom

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