What is RecRespite Metrics?

“Measuring impact of community projects in partnership with non profits. Striving for social change and long term sustainability of programs for those who otherwise face barriers to participation.”

Our team members aim to create inclusion and build capacity in various communities by working direct 1:1 or in groups with children, youth and adults.
Promoting engagement and identifying collective goals for desired long term outcomes, this may include:

  • increased community participation,
  • social and emotional engagement and wellness,
  • life skill opportunities,
  • independence and
  • identifying sense of role and purpose, within their communities.

Performance and Impact: the most important thing

RecRespite Metrics creates an opportunity to provide a reliable basis for assessing achievement, change and performance over the course of a project. We produce and engage in a live document from beginning to end to:

  • show and track progress,
  • share evidence to help improve activities to meet strategies,
  • prove the extent to which these activities meet client and community needs,
  • create long term sustainable community service and support solutions,
  • benchmark process for better business practice to improve.

Roles We Play

1. Setting the right goals and objectives 

Do you struggle with the right goals in your project planning in the initial development? Or experience goal shifts throughout?
We can assist with goal setting and envisioning your projects intention and purpose. 

2. Evaluation

Do you need help with evaluation and assessment?
We have access to a diverse set of tools in order to apply the right variety of assessment and evaluation strategies, to garner rich feedback.

3. Tracking 

RecRespite Metrics can create an upfront and ongoing role in tracking your projects success.

How can we work together?

RecRespite Metrics has been involved in many active community grant projects and partners to date, in this capacity. Our interest is in sustainability of services and supports provided by non profits, for any individual who otherwise faces barriers or access to quality programs and services. In order for this to happen, we believe that collaboration is key (and critical).

If you are interested in speaking to us about how we can work together towards community grant and project goals please connect direct:

Alyson Thompson alyson@recrespite.com or
1-877-855-7070 for more information.

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