Recreational Respite offers care to individuals and their families in Ontario

Respite Services Offered

During these challenging times, our team of recreation therapists and community partners have come together to create unique interactive and innovative virtual (online) services that will offer experiential outcomes through 1:1, and small groups.
These services are inclusive for children, youth and adults with disabilities.

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Recreational Respite supports children, youth and adults with disability or mental health and their families, who face barriers to participation in their community. Our skills include being able to identify ways to remove the barriers that exist through various approaches in 1:1 or group settings. We strive for positive change and to reach desired outcomes through person centred recreation always including the needs, abilities, strengths and interests of an individual. This ensures that targeted goals for mental health, emotional health and physical wellness are achieved.


Recreational Respite’s supports and services are recognized by public/ministry and private foundations
for funding or reimbursement for families who qualify.

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities – Ministry  (COVID19 relief funding)
SSAH Special Services at Home – Ministry
Complex Special Needs funding – Ministry
Ontario Autism Program (OAP) (respite only)
Jordan’s Principal
Passport – Ministry
Autism Ontario – Building Brighter Futures Fund


Therapeutic Recreation

Recreational Respite has a team of recreation therapists. Their education and skill set is extensive and focused on identifying the barriers to participation, that might exist for children, youth and adults with disability and mental health. These barriers can often limit access to opportunities in the community and reduce or diminish an individual’s sense of self, role, worth and purpose. Recreation therapy (or therapeutic recreation) promotes engaging activity in order to support individuals to achieve individual goals and reach desired outcomes that could include: social skills, re-integration into family, school, work or community, participation, life skills, independence and identifying sense of role and purpose.

Programming that is offered in either our 1:1 or group setting, is individualized based upon the needs, interests, abilities and strengths of the individual we are working with and the barriers we may be working towards removing, short or long term goals.

As a team, we focus on inclusion, emphasize participation and identify opportunities for engagement and is person centered.

Inclusion and Accessibility

Recreational Respite is passionate about building capacity through education, knowledge exchange and sharing through collaborative efforts. We are advocates for accessibility and inclusion in the community and we consider attitudinal, environmental, systemic and communication barriers as our very top priorities. Our team strongly believes that all communities and their programs, products and services should be accessible to all. We have been directly serving individuals and their families in various regions across Canada since 2008 in both 1:1 service and group program capacities.

As a team our experiences, collective educational backgrounds, our passions and extensive academics includes disability studies. We are able to nurture an identified need for collaborative approach, direction, tools and innovation when it comes to the economic development strategies and the delivery of services and programs within a community, with the goal of removing barriers that otherwise exist.

Community Group Programs and Partnerships

Recreational Respite offers group programs that are built for the participants, by the participants. Together we are able to identify where there might be barriers within existing group programs in various communities to fill the gap or collaborate with other organizations. We build groups that foster both recreational and educational interests in a supportive and creative environment. The programs encourage small groups, so that each individual has the opportunity for accessible, inclusive and active participation with peers. This collaboration of organizations  has seen incredible results that has led to support for other professionals and has encouraged outreach initiatives benefiting participants direct. Our team also offers extensive training for those who need direction on program planning, implementation and/or ongoing measurement of success through workshopspublic speaking and RecRespite Metrics.

Groups in Ontario
To register please call 1-877-855-7070 or

Lifestyle Recreation (ages 18+) Jan 23 – April 2 2020
March Break (ages 18+) March 16-20, 2020

Chlöe’s Friend Den (ages 4+) March 26-May 28, 2020

Chlöe’s Friend Den Feb 18-April 14 2020

March Break (ages 18+) March 16-20, 2020
SENIORS Day Program in partnership with Red Oak Retirement Residence, March 25-April 15, 2020

March Break! Chlöe’s Friend Den (ages 4+)
Chlöe’s Friend Den, 10 weeks Mar 24-May 26, 2020
Lifestyle Recreation (ages 18+)

RecRespite Metrics

RecRespite Metrics is a service that lends evaluation support within a funded project, by collecting data, measuring impact and defining the long term sustainability of a community projects’ objectives. The projects we can support in this capacity are striving for social change and long term sustainability of programs for those who otherwise face barriers to participation, engagement or active citizenship in their community.
Our collaborative work has been with multiple community organizations which include (but not limited to): school boards, non-profit organizations, community agencies, small and special interest groups and municipal and federal institutions.

Our RecRespite Metrics team has been involved in many successful and active community grant projects (seed and grow grants) to date, with these partners that have included:

  • Reconciliation and youth, indigenous
  • Youth leadership
  • At-risk youth and animal wellness
  • Immigration and Community
  • Military family support and youth programs

Roles We Play

1. Setting the right goals and objectives 

Do you struggle with the right goals in your project planning in the initial development? Or experience goal shifts throughout?
We can assist with goal setting and envisioning your projects intention and purpose.

2. Evaluation

Do you need help with evaluation and assessment?
We have access to a diverse set of tools in order to apply the right variety of assessment and evaluation strategies, to garner rich feedback.

3. Tracking 

RecRespite Metrics can create an upfront and ongoing role in tracking your projects success.

Recreational Respite

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