Recreational Respite serves children, youth and adults with disabilities and mental health, across Canada!


We are committed to paramount service for all of those we serve, their families and their communities across the nation. Our service goals are to assist in identifying the barriers to participation that may exist for children, youth and adults with disabilities or mental health, and promote inclusion and active citizenship.

Recreational Respite works with individuals who face barriers to participation in their community due to disability, mental health, injury, isolation, chronic illness or disorder. Our skills include being able to identify ways to remove the barriers that exist through various approaches in 1:1 or group settings. We strive for positive change and to reach desired outcomes through person centred recreation. We include the needs, abilities, strengths and interests of every individual we support and every approach we take through recreation. This ensures that targeted goals for mental health, emotional health and physical wellness and life skills are achieved.

We support children, youth, adults and older adults with disabilities, mental health and memory impairment, and their families.

During these challenging times, our team of recreation therapists and community partners have come together to create unique interactive and innovative virtual (online) services that will offer experiential outcomes through 1:1 and small groups. Theses services are for children, youth and adults with disabilities.

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