Community Group Programs

Our recreation group programs have been created by the individuals participating in them and our recreation team.

Groups can run for the Ages 4 – 21+ and range in interests  such as art, physical movement and sport, life skills, drama, outdoor club, robotics, technology, book writing, drawing, day camp, Chlöe’s Friend Den and more..

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Recreational Respite’s supports and services are recognized by public/ministry and private foundations for funding or reimbursement for families who qualify.

“Our daughter takes part in a weekly group program that Recreational Respite has created and tailored to work on various goals for each of the participants. Our daughter is on the autism spectrum and has had some real social issues which have caused her to become quite isolated, unmotivated and very hard to interact with at home with both my husband and I and our other Daughter. The program has really opened up our daughter, she is far more outgoing and excited about taking part in various activities (she never did this before!). Recreational Respite was able to tell us what she was really great at and how to try it at home. It so happens that our Daughter loves bean bags! She tosses one at us with a smile, every time she wants to communicate with us. It’s a small step- but we’ll take it!”
Marcy and Dave

NEW Programs

NEW Chlöe’s Friend Den
Sweets and Social Conversation Ages 16+
Art Mixed Media Program (various ages)
Making Choices Ages 16+
Lifestyle Recreation for young adults 18+, full day
Rhythmic Round Circle (various ages) 
Cooking Club (various ages)
Choices Challenge (youth, teens and adults)
Yoga: Storytelling Movements for Children and their siblings
Zen Doodle (all ages)
LEGO Builders Club 
STEM Lego Builders (youth and teens)
March Break programs (all ages, full day)
Holistic Horticulture (all ages)
Sand and Color Therapy (children and youth)
Music and Movement (all ages)
Teen Programs (13+)
Science Explorers (all ages)
Technology and Gamer’s Club (all ages)

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