“How we understand geography (and social environment) is how we understand the people who live within it. Successful communities identify ways to create spaces, places and events for coming together for growth, safety and opportunity and in doing so it creates inclusion, accessibility, leadership and social change”

– Amy MacFarlane, Founder and CEO Recreational Respite





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Passionate about community, advocates for accessibility and champions for inclusion, Recreational Respite is excited to share our newest youth program, Chlöe’s Friend Den!

An 8 or 10 week recreation group for youth ages 7 – 15 years of age. Various appropriate age groups include 7-10 yrs, 11-13 yrs and 13-15 yrs and creates a unique program that is safe, inclusive and a fun way for your child or youth to explore new interests. It’s also a great opportunity to develop coping strategies, self regulation tools, explore anti-bullying strategies and make new friends!

Chlöe’s Friend Den, Registration Form

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Our Story

After moving to a new community we realized that there were a great deal of transitional changes for our two young children. New friends to be made, new school to attend and a new community to explore. Our youngest child had a real sense of exclusion at first and recognized the challenges of making new friends as the ‘new kid’, even with her bubbly personality. We knew there might be other children that would be feeling the same way and experiencing barriers to participation because of anxieties, sensory concerns, disabilities or mental health.
Our daughter Chlöe inspired the idea that if there was a program for all kids to come together to explore recreational interests through play, make new friends and learn various coping strategies, self regulation techniques and anti-bullying strategies, that this might help create inclusion for all and opportunities for many.

A personal message from Chlöe…


















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