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Happy New Year!
The new year is already bringing great things for our clients and their families and we couldn’t be more happy! Over the past year we have been working hands-on with a small group of individuals in the Blue Mountains, ON with various abilities, on a number of life skills and therapeutic recreation goals to enhance and increase their role and worth in their community. It’s been so successful that we’ve identified the need for a more consistent program/centre to support them (and their families!). We approached The Town of Blue Mountains in regards to the support for starting such a program and they were on board to help make it happen! To start, we’re having a town hall meeting. After all, we can’t do it alone, it takes a whole community! (Community-Town Hall Meeting).

We can bring this same model to various communities and we’re looking forward to making a difference in The Town of Blue Mountains, ON. Follow us @recrespite and #recthornbury for the programs in the making!

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