Community Work: what special needs exist?

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Town #Recreation #Therapist wants to know what #special #needs exist in The Blue Mountains.

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Over the past year we have been working hands-on with a small group of individuals in various rural communities with various abilities, on a number of life skills and therapeutic recreation goals to enhance and increase their role and worth in our community. It’s been so successful that we have identified the need for a more consistent group based program/centre to support them (and their families!). Short story is that when we approached The Blue Mountains,ON they were on-board to help make it happen!

To start, a town hall meeting, click here for more information: Town Hall

We’re looking forward to a great turn out and so far the response has been extremely positive as to the attendance for the evening. The programs that are created will offer a mobile model that can be brought to virtually, any community. Recreational Respite’s team hopes to ensure accessibility to many in need throughout the Greater Toronto Area as well as those in rural areas across Ontario.

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