Caregivers: Where Did I Put My Memory!?

 In Awareness Blog

It’s that moment we all dread: we meet someone we know, but suddenly can’t recall his name. Or we forget where we put our purse, our wallet, our keys. Sometimes we can’t remember the word for the uh … c’mon, you know, the uh, thing-a-ma-jig to wash the salad. And by the way, where exactly did we park the car?

Memory loss is the second greatest health fear for Canadians, after cancer. And memory loss is a growing epidemic, as we live longer, our brains age, and we have more and more information to forget.
Those caring for loved ones who are affected by impairment, challenge or disabilities are often confronted with their own memory loss concerns because of their ever growing TO DO list. I particularly enjoy how you can turn you ‘to do/to know’ list into song! Try it!!

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