Really!? Hire home care services with public funds!

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It seems to me as if this may be a ground breaking concept.  What a way to bring in a weekend.  What are your thoughts!?

TORONTO – Patients should be able to directly hire their own home care services using public health care funds, a new policy white paper by the Ontario Tories says.

Ontarians would still be able to choose the current route to home care services through a provider such as a Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), the paper says.

“If a senior needs more frequent visits from a personal support worker, but doesn’t need help with meal preparation, she and her family should have the flexibility to make sure the available home care money is spent in the best possible way,” the white paper, entitled A Healthier Ontario, says.  more here:

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  • Joanne

    My only comment, which comes from working directly with Seniors that recieve CCAC directed care is that there is a need for more flexibility in the support offered. There are some Seniors who are told they are entitled to 3 hrs of support 2x/wk for the Caregiver to have respite time go out and leave the care of their loved one to a PSW but who are physically and or financially unable to get out and would instead appreciate help with laundry or taxing housecleaning chores (ie; vacuuming, wash floors etc which is impossible for some frail Seniors. They are unable to get this help 1x/wk for 2 hrs, but could get 6hrs for “respite”. What a waste of $$…and what a shame if the dependant and possilbly the Caregiver too has/have to go to publicly funded LTC because of such inflexibilty (which is much more costly). Note; I have no comments on the politics, politicians or plans for public care – just that one issue of shortsighted inflexibility.

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