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VoiceAmerica syndicates Family Caregivers Unite! to new Empowerment Channel

Phoenix, AZ. Sep 9, 2012. World leader in internet talk radio, VoiceAmerica expands community engagement with its new Empowerment Channel. This features leading Internet radio show, Family Caregivers Unite!, which empowers family caregiving. As the US and Canada recognize its value to healthcare systems, family caregiving’s influence grows rapidly.
When VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel first goes to air October 1, 2012, it will syndicate the 143rd Episode of Family Caregivers Unite!. Brandy Jackson, VoiceAmerica’s General Manager, said “We selected Family Caregivers Unite! for syndication because it leads in innovation for empowering family caregiving”.

Family Caregivers Unite!, whose audience reached 167,528 in the first seven months of 2012, is hosted by retired physician Dr. Gordon Atherley. He said “The show empowers the family caregiver community by giving them voice”.

Through radio-empowered voice, family caregivers raise public awareness about the ways in which they subsidize healthcare systems. They state their needs for funding and fairness in its distribution. They explain how they help healthcare by monitoring the health of their family members and ensuring that medications are taken as prescribed and that side effects are reported.

They highlight needs that healthcare systems don’t meet, such as service dogs trained to care for autistic children at risk of bolting into busy roads.

They promote innovations they pioneer such as improving communications with doctors so that family caregivers not only take advice from their doctors, but also give them information about the characteristics of puzzling conditions like Lyme disease.

They analyze the impact of healthcare’s systems, like electronic health records, on the autonomy of family caregivers caring for family members whose mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, can lead to high-risk behaviors such as suicide and trouble with the justice system.

They urge healthcare systems and governments to listen to family caregivers. They share their messages of encouragement for other family caregivers caring for family members with health conditions that healthcare cannot cure but who benefit so much from the personal, collaborative caring of family caregiving. They participate in the empowerment of their family members.

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