Health Council of Canada releases Home Care report

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Seniors in need, caregivers in distress: What are the home care priorities for seniors in Canada?
Have a read: Health Council of Canada-Caregivers and Home Care

Recent episode on Family Caregivers Unite! speaks to John G. Abbott who is the Health Council of Canada’s Chief Executive Officer. He describes the Council’s work. He highlights the Council’s report, ‘Seniors in need, caregivers in distress’. He discusses the roles of caregivers, family caregivers, informal caregivers, and personal service workers. He compares the current state of family caregiving in Canada with that elsewhere. He instances the benefits that family caregivers bring to seniors and to the healthcare system faced with an aging population. He analyzes the challenges that family caregivers face in caring for their aging family members, especially those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease and the like. He identifies the needs of family caregivers caring for seniors and explores how well healthcare and social systems are helping family caregivers with these needs. He gives examples of success stories, summarize the report’s recommendations for its messages for the healthcare system, for governments and for family caregivers.

Listen here:

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