Alzheimer’s Association and Recreational Respite

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Family Caregivers Unite! presents Dr. Linda Teri is a Member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council of the Alzheimer’s Association. She’s Professor of Psychosocial and Community Health at the University of Washington. Amy MacFarlane is Founder and CEO of Recreational Respite Inc,, a company which provides for Creative living and innovative care. They talk about Alzheimer’s disease. They discuss real-life examples of caregiver-support programs that helped family caregivers meet the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease. They discuss the ways in which the programs support aging at home. They say how well community-based professionalssuch as nurses and physicians, and the wider public understand the family caregiving challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and the role of caregiver-support programs. They describe what is being done to increase understanding and to promote the programs in the US and Canada. And then they tell us how optimistic they feel about progress in coping with Alzheimer’s disease.

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