Interview with Amy MacFarlane and Dr. Gordon Atherley: Recreation Therapy

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A recent interview with Amy MacFarlane Founder and CEO of Recreational Respite Inc, was aired on Family Caregivers Unite!  She explains recreation therapy and talks about the challenges that it helps with. She describes the special needs and health conditions for which she recommends recreation therapy. She explains why and how recreation therapy helps persons and their family caregivers meet the challenges that these conditions create. She describes some real-life examples. She talks about organizing recreation therapy for persons living at home alone, with their families, or in a care facility. For these various situations, she explains how recreation therapy helps family caregivers. She explains how recreation therapy helps aging at home, a policy favoured by governments. She says what she would like to see done to extend, expand and increase funding for recreation therapy. She explains what family caregivers can do to help promote recreation therapy.
Listen here for the interview:


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  • Sandra

    Thanks for sharing your interview with Dr. Atherley. I found it most interesting! I would like to send a congratulations to your team and a big thanks for your advocacy in this field of work.

  • Gloria

    I found that fascinating. I am a Recreation Therapist and I worked in a long-term care facility in Bancroft, Ontario, where I was living at the time. It is a calling all on its own. You really have to have a “feel” for people. This training of course has led me to be a good researcher and the art of making people feel needed and a part of something. It has been a very useful tool in helping my own Dad’s journey. Thank you!

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