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Wheelchair In Motion is a short term rental company specializing in Accessible Vehicles and was founded in 2009 by John Hillier to meet the needs of individuals and families where mobility is physically challenging.

The vehicle rental industry in Canada can meet a variety of client needs, but still largely excludes persons who are physically challenged. Yet when surveyed, more than one million Canadians reported that they could not get to appointments outside their homes, because they were unable to access suitable transportation. This number is growing with more people relying heavily on caregivers and family.

Wheelchair In Motion has accessible vehicles available for rent by the day, week or month which allows you the freedom to arrive and leave on your schedule and to attend functions that you or a family member may not have been able to attend in the past because of transportation restrictions.

Wheelchair In Motion currently serves the Southern Ontario areas with our Head Office in Selkirk, Ontario. Our service includes free delivery and pick up of our vehicles to most areas. With the growing demand for accessible vehicle rentals, Wheelchair In Motion is planning to expand our fleet in the near future. In addition to our current side entrance mini-van, we hope to include a full size accessible vehicle choice into our fleet in the near future.

Our team has expertise in assisting individuals, and families with their transportation needs. Whether the need is as a result of injury, age, or condition, we have worked with insurance companies, not-for-profit organizations, institutions and Occupational Therapists in enabling the rehabilitation, recovery, and re-integration of our customers to a more independent and accessible daily living environment. Our client base includes a number of customers who are in their elder stage of life who are in need of assistance in participating in day to day living outside of their home environment, whether that is with family members or in an institutional setting

Quality of care goes beyond medical care. It includes lifestyle and leisure choices for all members of the family.

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