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The Sheridan Elder Research Centre (SERC) has been awarded $2.3 million over five years through the College and Community Innovation (CCI) program, an initiative of the federal government.  The awards winning project is titled “Aging in Place: Optimizing Health Outcomes through Technology, Design and Social Innovation” and will focus on enhancing quality of life of older Canadians and their families.  Recreational Respite is one of ten partners to take part in this initiaitve and we are very excited about moving forward.  Recreational Respite’s goal with this allocation in this project is to design optimal community engagement solutions for those with early onset Alzheimer’s disease (45 years +) and those individuals with developmental disabilities so they may continue to age in place through therapeutic community based programs of interest, thus the birth of RecreACTIVE. 

Please visit SERC for other initiatives: Click Here to Visit the Site

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  • Julie Cordasco

    The website looks great. Easy to navigate through. Your services are very much needed in the community for our Seniors. I just hope that families will see the value of using Amy’s program. I am looking forward in working with you in the future!
    Julie Cordasco RNBN
    Seniors Home Visiting Nurse
    Primecare Family Health Team
    Milton ON

  • John Hillier

    The site looks great! I understand what it is like to grow and try to decide “what is important” for the pages. Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you in the future.
    John Hillier
    Wheelchair In Motion

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