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The Disability Dreams Group (DDG) www.disabilitydreams.ca was conceived by founder David after many years of dealing with his own son’s challenges, in particular a severe learning disability. Like most parents, he was not comfortable with the “disabled” label, but was willing to set that aside when it meant significant tax relief for his family. This prompted an exhaustive investigative search to identify all of the opportunities available to help him provide and plan for his son’s future. David’s extensive background in income taxes and investment planning has provided the perfect structural base for the birth of the Disability Dreams Group.

David realized that most tax preparers never ask about family issues and thus most families never realize that the challenges and expenses they face can be partially reimbursed by the tax credit system. The number of people in this type of situation is staggering and because of this, Disability Dreams Group (DDG) is poised to become the leader in helping people in dire need recover funds from the CRA.

Their primary responsibility is to provide solutions involving tax credits, government grants, trusts, and estate planning to people with physical and mental impairments. We show you how to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) if impairment restricts your basic activities of daily living. A primary responsibility of Disability Dreams Group is to ensure that we are constantly educating Canadians about the support available to them through government and private sector facilitators. Their interactive network of services coupled with their extensive knowledge provides solace for their members by alleviating the stress people with impairment constantly encounter.

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