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“I am a caregiver in Mississauga who had family visiting from Alberta and I needed a few days off from my responsibilities to entertain and enjoy the grand kids. Unfortunately my wife is disabled with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and I needed help. My first call was to our local MS office who gave me a list of companies who might be able to help. On the list was “Recreational Respite Inc.” who was quite frankly extremely receptive to my needs.

We met and completed a very detailed, but non-invasive assessment, which included a complete history of my Wife. This professional approach gave me the reassurance I needed to proceed to make the commitment which allowed me and the family to have a wonderful carefree time away from home. A program was developed to meet our specific needs and at the same time I felt the fee was reasonable.

Thank you ‘Amy and Team Recreational Respite’.”

Paul, Husband/Caregiver


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