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“My Mother has been suffering from depression and has isolated herself. She also has some memory impairment. She had been in and out of the Hospital for anxiety and she was getting too much for me to handle with her loss of memory skills and her lack of interest in doing anything at home. I asked the occupational therapy team at St. Michael’s for some advice and a good referral in the community who could help me get Mother engaged and happy again. They quickly referred me to the expertise of Recreational Respite. Amy completed an assessment that helped her understand Mother before her memory issues and she designed an in-depth companionship program with her team member, Laurie. She also pointed me to the process and people responsible for getting Mother into a day program in our neighborhood.

I was truly not getting things done for Mother and through encouragement and support Recreational Respite initiated and made it happen. Mother is now seeing Laurie (team member from Recreational Respite) 1X a week and just loves her visits and exercise program. She is also now attending day programs at West Toronto Support Services and really enjoying herself again! This slow transition back into the community has been helpful for Mother and me. Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do Recreational Respite!”

Michael, Son/Caregiver


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