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“My Mom has suffered from a Stroke and was recently discharged from the Hospital. I really needed someone to be home with her while I worked and I needed someone who could get her up and moving. I was sure that she was slipping into a depressive state due to the loss of her mobility and I called the Stroke unit at Sunnybrook Hospital. They gave me Recreational Respite’s phone number and said that they were specialized in therapeutic programming and community integration techniques.

When I called, I spoke to Amy who was incredibly knowledgeable about my Mom’s most recent journey. She came and did an assessment within two days of my call and within the week she had designed a very in-depth exercise program specifically for my Mom. She also created a piece called Community Connections which gave me services that could further assist my Mom to help us with all of our at home care needs. Truly remarkable support, thank you to Amy and your very special team!”

-Bev, Daughter

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