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“Dad is on a waitlist into a day program as well as long term care home – the CCAC told us the wait could be one year until he is accepted into our 1st or 2nd choice. He is at home currently and really can’t be left alone. We have personal support worker’s coming in on a weekly basis to help with getting my Dad up in the morning but we really needed to keep him active and alert as he tends to sleep all day. For awhile we thought we were preparing for his death since he was really not responsive to much of what we were doing for him. He becomes agitated at times throughout the day and it was taking its toll on our Mother.

The CCAC referred us to Recreational Respite and when I called, Amy MacFarlane explained about how therapeutic programming could really benefit his engagement level and thus decrease his sleeping habits throughout the day. They were right, they wrote a program with someone coming to see him 2x a week and they are writing his memoirs. I can’t believe the difference in him and we are not preparing for his death anymore, but his rebirth.

THANK YOU to Jennifer and the rest of the team at Recreational Respite.”
-Lorraine, Daughter

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