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Engagement Is Critical.

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An individual who has memory impairment continues to need stimulation, engagement and social interactions with others.  As the disease or disorder progresses this often becomes a challenge and can cause isolation, depression and behavior and health care changes.

Recreation Therapists identify the ways to restore sense of role and worth.  This knowledge is then utilized to create positive activities and engagement for the purpose of optimal support for each client through 1:1 services.

Services may include:

  • Physical movement opportunities (exercise program: group or individualized)
  • Decrease anxiousness/anxiety, agitation or aggression
  • Increase attention span and memory recall
  • Learn new or maintain old skills & abilities
  • Develop new creative interests
  • Improve overall mental and physical stimulation

Our programs are offered in a home setting (wherever home may be) or can be offered to assist in community integration into adult day programs, assisted living or long term care.

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