Grieving Children’s New Grief Support Group

Hey, What About Me! Support Group for:
Children, 3 to 12 years, with terminally ill family member

Dates and Time:
March 5-June 25, 2012
6:00-7:30 pm, every other Monday

To register for the group,
Call: 905-337-2333

Coping with the terminal illness of a family member is very challenging for an adult, but even more so for a young child. For parents, the tasks of helping a child understand the changes in the ill person, changes in the family, and preparing them for the future can feel overwhelming.
This support group will help children: understand illnesses know their feelings and learn how to cope with them prepare them for the future give and receive support
A support group for parents will help them: understand how children grieve and how adults can help them provide peer support

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